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The Future of Internet Worms

by: Jose Nazario, Jeremy Anderson, Rick Wash, and Chris Connelly


Network worms, simple slang terminology for automated intrusion agents, represent a persistent threat to a growing Internet in an increasingly networked world. However, their evolution has been somewhat limited, and they still rely on the same basic paradigms, which contain fundamental flaws. We analyze the basic components of a worm and apply this analysis to three worms found in the wild on the Internet. We then proceed to analyze the limiting factors of existing worm paradigms and outline new ideas which we expect to become prevalent. These new worms will prove to be more diffcult to identify and eradicate. It is our intention in sharing this knowledge to stimulate the development of strategies to detect and counteract the threat of smarter network worms.


Jose Nazario, Jeremy Anderson, Rick Wash, and Chris Connelly. “The Future of Internet Worms.”Blackhat Briefings.July 2001.

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